Time to shine

Makeup is everywhere, people use it for 6,000 years, but it’s all the same, we don’t master it just by practice every morning.

Wedding & Magic events below are a whole different makeup category.

Pre Wedding Makeup


My goal is to create special memories for every couples with my makeup on pre wedding day.


Pre-Wedding Day is one of glorious day before your Wedding Ceremony. Every couples will have a sneak peek of a happiness memories.

Are you ready?

Bridal Makeup


Everything on your Wedding day is meticulously planned, so why should your hair & makeup be any different? Now it’s your turn to be pampered!


Bridesmaid are part of your show, they accompany you, they support you… They also hope to be the next bride! Give them the chance to be part of your team!


A wedding is 1 lifetime day when you have to radiance from early morning, all day long with your best fresh look, and photographs will immortalize this magic event for decades.

A Bridal & Groom makeup ensure you to get a fresh, young and best look.

Event Makekup


Glory day is the Graduation day. You did it, and you want to share it. Your friends, your family, they all want to keep memory of that day. To keep memory of your best look, pamper yourself, let it to profesionals, and be the star of the day.


Beauty is glory, but it’s also the way to bright in contest. A good makeup can make a tiny difference on your competitors. Select the bests.


Makeup give the tone of your shooting session. You are beautiful, you know it, but you want something more, that spark, the moment the camera will catch your emotions, you and your skin need to be at its best.


Makeup is super important when you have a special party to go where you need more confidence


How to quickly do your own makeup perfectly to show off your best features? How to become a makeup professional?

Enhance your skills, learn it.

After a session, you will feel more confident than ever to recreate your favourite looks! Every day will become a fashion week.


One-on-one self-makeup class.

Get the best tips from professional. You will learn how to apply makeup for everyday life and how to apply techniques and makeup to use to others.

During 2 hours you will learn:


  • techniques for choosing cosmetics
  • how to apply foundation / apply nourishing cream and concealer
  • how to use powder that is suitable for our skin
  • how to use shadow/blush on and lipstick to match our skin
  • And how to choose and buy makeup accessories that match your skin


One-on-one self-makeup class.

You will learn all the techniques in applying makeup for a professional career improve techniques including using cosmetics for work.

During 4 hours, you will learn:


  • techniques for choosing cosmetics
  • how to apply foundation / apply nourishing cream and concealer
  • how to use the powder that is suitable for that job.
  • how to use shadow/blush on and lipstick to match that work
  • how to choose and buy various cosmetic make-up equipment that can be used with our careers and became a full-time makeup artist

We will have a model for 1 person to learn makeup.


I am always delighted to showcase my recent masterpieces.

Find inspiration for your coming event!



Wherever is the wedding in Thailand, I will be there.


Half-day to multi-days ceremony or shooting sessions.


Bridal makeup for 2, makeup + photo, pre wedding makeup,…


Profesional makeup & accessories, for optimal results.


Sterilized material, unique used containers, mask.


Do you have indoor places in Bangkok where can do photo shooting?

I can rent any photo studio, it depends on what you like. You can have a look at the choice of spots we can propose you (link to photo page), and suggest us some more.

Should makeup be done first or hair?

Makeup should be done first because the tone of make up can set the hair style. And it takes longer.

How long does it take to do makeup for wedding?

The bridal makeup session last around 2-3 hours on the wedding.

What is included in the price?

Please kindly see packages here.

Do you recommend which makeup style will fit me the best?

Depending on the lines of your face, on the event and the effect you target, I will propose you different solutions.

Can I use my own products for make up?

Yes you can.

How do I keep my wedding makeup fresh the whole day?

We have after care service for touching up.

Which brands do you use?

We have a lot of brands to offer for example Dior, Chanel, Lamer, Charlotte Tilbury, Lancome, Tomford, Nars, Mac, Estee Lauder, etc