Subliming beauty


Bangkok-based makeup artist, I practice my passion for already 20 years, for weddings, model shootings, special events & movie production.

My career started as Fashion and TV stylist. One day, ELLE Fashion week Thailand gave me my first chance to be makeup artist for their show. I became professional makeup artist since then.

I’ve been participating in Fashion Show, Brand Name Cosmetics such as Elle Fashion week, Vogue Magazine, Mac cosmetics and L’oreal Thailand to find new trends, new techniques and improve my skills.


Time flies, I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since my first journey to become a makeup artist. Every time I work, I feel like I magically make my customers look stunning.

Accordingly, I found my new passion.

I love Photography.

It’s my joy to capture people emotions, their stories trough photos. Most important thing, whenever they look at these memories last forever.


Do you have indoor places in Bangkok where can do photo shooting?

I can rent any photo studio, it depends on what you like. You can have a look at the choice of spots we can propose you (link to photo page), and suggest us some more.

Should makeup be done first or hair?

Makeup should be done first because the tone of make up can set the hair style. And it takes longer.

How long does it take to do makeup for wedding?

The bridal makeup session last around 2-3 hours on the wedding.

What is included in the price?

Please kindly see packages here.

Do you recommend which makeup style will fit me the best?

Depending on the lines of your face, on the event and the effect you target, I will propose you different solutions.

Can I use my own products for make up?

Yes you can.

How do I keep my wedding makeup fresh the whole day?

We have after care service for touching up.

Which brands do you use?

We have a lot of brands to offer for example Dior, Chanel, Lamer, Charlotte Tilbury, Lancome, Tomford, Nars, Mac, Estee Lauder, etc